What to do When HP Printer not Printing


How to Fix HP Printer not Printing Problems

HP Printer not printing is a usual problem that many users are experiencing while working on the printer. There are several different causes that can affect printing, some common reasons are like bad connections, corrupt drivers, poor configurations, software issues, ink or toner cartridges empty etc. These issues can also create numerous other problems with the printer. This might be very frustrating for users who want to print something urgently, All those users looking to find out the solution to fix HP printer problems can try some of the following methods that can help to fix hp printer not the printing issue.

Stop all Printer Activities

Non-technical users who are not able to do the technical task to fix the issues can also easily go for this method. Whenever users try to print something, the computer places it in the print queue ( in an order i.e going to print) But sometimes the file which is going print in the queue gets struck and also prevents other files being printed. In such cases clearing the print, a queue may work & it might be possible that the new print request would work fine.

Let’s try out some steps to resolve HP Printer not printing problem:

  • Hit window key and “R” at the same time, quickly a run dialog box appears over the screen, Then type control panel in the search bar & hit enter.

HP printer not printing

  • This will open Control Panel Window and then double click on devices and printers icon.


  • From the list of printing devices, a user can find their hp printer that is having issues. Now just right click on that printer icon & select the option “See what’s printing”


  • Once a new page gets open then click “Printer” menu at the top right & select Open as Administrator
  • Now again open the “Printer” menu at the top right and select “cancel all documents”. At the same time a confirmation dialog window will open up, users need to confirm to clear all documents in the print queue by choosing “yes” option.


After completing all the above steps, Try to print some document from the printer, If it is working then all fine. But if not then users can try the next methods.

Know the Status of the HP Printer

  • Check to see whether the ink or the toner of the printer is empty or not. If empty then one should replace the ink or toner cartridge.
  • The printer will stop working if not having a paper in the paper tray. But if having papers in the tray then please check that none of the paper is stuck or jammed.
  • Make sure that the USB cable is plugged properly and if the printer is wireless then check if it is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Check if there is an error message display or warning light on the printer and if such error is seen, take assistance from the manual user guide provided by HP or directly contact technical customer support for hp printer team.

Make HP Printer as Default Printer

Generally, when a user gives the print command the operating system automatically orders that print work to the default printer. If a user who has not set their hp printer as the default printer and this might be one of the reasons of hp printer not printing. In these cases, one should select the right printer and then try to do the printing job.

Users can follow the following steps to set the hp printer as a default printer.

  • At the same time press “window key” and hit “R”, this will open the Run dialog box.
  • Then Type in “Control Panel” and hit “Enter”

HP printer not printing

  • Control panel window is open now, here click on Devices and Printers.


  • Select and right click the Hp printer which is to be set as default and choose “Set as default printer” option.


The printer is now set as default printer. Users will see the green check mark just under the hp printer icon.printer-not-printing

Download or Update HP Printer driver

Printer drivers are the software that helps in making a better transfer of message command between the operating system and the printer device. If the hp support Drivers are corrupt or out of date it will definitely block the printer from printing. This is a very common problem users are facing with their device. Users can download “HP Print and Scan Doctor”, this will automatically check drivers and keep them updated.

And if the user wants to download and install all new drivers they can directly download them from the HP Support site.

Check the Print Spooler service

Print Spooler service is an important software of the operating system. This service runs and is responsible for the controlling all print task sent from a computer to the printer server. Somehow if this service is not enabled or there are some issues with the print spooler service, the print job will not be successful until this problem get fixed. So users need to check whether this service is running fine or not.

Let’s start and do check the service

  • Move to the keyboard and press “window key” and “R” both at the same time, this will open a run dialog box.
  • Now users need to type in “services.msc and hit enter, a new services window will be on the screen.


  • From the list of services, select & double click on “print spooler”

hp printer tech help

  • Users need to be sure that Startup type is set to Automatic and Service status is Running

hp printer customer help

  • But if the startup type is not set to automatic, then just choose “automatic” and click on “start”

why printer not printing

  • Click OK to save the changes made.

hp printer helpline

Now Check whether the printer works or not

What if when users have tried all the above solution and still the HP printer not printing. It seems that the printer is having more technical issues and needs experts help who can fix out the problems. Users can take help from our technical troubleshooting team who can assist in diagnosing issues with the computer or the printer and resolve those issues. Users can reach our HP printer support team by contacting at our toll-free phone helpline +1-854-400-5545




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